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You know how to operate a cruise line, hire the captain, the right staff, obtain the necessary port approvals and permits but getting the right parts and equipment to run the ship is a whole other business. This is where Resolve Maritime Cruise Services provides a powerful solution so that you can focus on what you do best and leave the supplying of all your parts and equipment to us. You name it and our dedicated team will find a way to fill and deliver your order at the most competitive price.

Resolve Maritime Cruise Services is fully insured and backed by over two decades of experience serving the cruise line industry worldwide. At Resolve Maritime Cruise Services we take pride insuring that your order is delivered complete, on time and correctly to make sure it meets your required deadline. Our qualified staff uses the latest technology, superior work ethic and employs our vast network of manufacturers and distributors to keep your orders from exceeding their estimated budget; regardless how large or small the order may be.

Resolve Maritime Cruise Services further understands that customers are the lifeblood of any business; therefore we have established a unique approach that provides customers with different wants and needs an unparallel high level of service. We deliver professional, fast and affordable services which has helped us become the most recognized company for all your ship’s chandler needs. Our attention to detail coupled with a dedicated group devoted to supplying the best customer service you will ever encounter, makes Resolve Maritime Cruise Services the clear choice for all your marine supplies and equipment needs.

About Us

As a leading ship chandler, Resolve Maritime Cruise Services’ goal is to present customers with the ultimate in specialized purchasing strategies for all your supplies and equipment needs.

With the largest network of manufacturers and qualified distributors in the business, we offer the best prices available to all cruise liners in the South Florida area and worldwide. Resolve Maritime Cruise Services combines a belief in the moral value of hard quality work and countless years in this industry to provide the greatest customer service experience you will ever encounter. Call us today at 954-239-0266 for more information on the services we offer.

  • Fully Insured

    Resolve Maritime Cruise Services is a professional ship chandler company that is fully insured.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We take pride in listening to your requests and implement a course of action that will entail honest and effective communication.

  • Experience

    Accredited company that is fully insured and backed by over 23 years of experience with an in-depth knowledge of the cruise line industry’s requirements.

  • Free Estimate

    Call us today at 954-239-0266 for a free estimate on the services we offer.

Our Customers

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